5 Reasons To Take Down Family Photos For Staging

The #1 Reason to Take Down Family Photos. Safety!

But Those Are My Kids!

The first thing you will hear out of just about any Real Estate Expert’s mouth is, take down all of your family photos. If you are researching ways to prepare your home for sale, you will no doubt read that family photos need to come down because buyers will have a tough time viewing the home as their own while they are seeing someone else’s family showcased there. That is true but there are many other important reasons to do so.

As a professional home stager, I often provide a Home Staging Consultation and most, not all, but most, are willing to pack up their family photos because they have been told that the space needs to be neutral. I also come across those that refuse to take down family photos. “I spent a lot of money on that picture” or “but those are my children and I want to see them”. One home I entered didn’t have any other art on the walls except large family photos. And I mean “large”!

Think About The Buyer

As I began to explain, buyers will see your family and have a tough time seeing their own living here, I could see that wasn’t going to work with her. I went on to say “When we stage, I need to hang a big, beautiful piece of wall art there over the sofa”. Nope! She thought the picture was beautiful. I further explained that buyers will stop and examine the photos to see if they know the people instead of focusing on the room you are trying to sell. “That’s fine, she said”. Just like buyers, we were spending way too much time focused on the discussion of the family photos so I moved on with the consultation and tour of the home.

As we moved through the house, I noticed more and more similar photos. They seemed to be recent. I could easily see that she cared deeply about here children, just as she should. I assumed she cared as much about their safety and saw an opportunity to enlighten her further. 

Consider Photographic Appeal

The home will be photographed for the listing that will be posted for all the public to see. I see you have 2 adorable, blonde haired, blue eyed little girls and a boy, all under the age of 12. The family photos also revealed that she was a single mom due to the lack of a man in the pictures. Do you want the public to know that along with a map of the house and directions to their bedrooms? And yours? I’ll bet you don’t post your address with every photo you post on Facebook? Well, needless to say that the light bulb went off in a nano-second. “I will absolutely take them down”.

5 Reasons To Take Down Family Photos For Staging

There are many reasons to take down and pack up family photos but here are my top 5. 

  1. Neutralize – Buyers struggle seeing themselves living in the home when they are viewing your family.
  2. Distraction – Buyers will look to see if they know the people in the photo
  3. Damage – Photos could accidently get damaged during an open house or showing
  4. Showcasing – Make room for staging art and accessories
  5. Safety! – Don’t show the public who lives there and where they sleep!

I hope this article has been helpful in helping understand the reason why home stagers recommend taking down family photos.

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