​Smart home technology may make it easier to rent or sell a home, especially to a younger audience. A survey by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) showed millennials (born between 1980 and 2004) to be the highest demographic of buyers in today’s market. Another recent survey revealed that 85% of millennials are willing to spend more money to rent or purchase a home that includes smart technology. Considering those stats, now is the time to incorporate smart home technology into your plans for flipping or updating a home for the market.
Think about it. Why not? The younger generation has grown with technology being a big part of their lives and they seek it in everything they purchase that utilizes electronics. As part of the older generation I remember watching Star Trek and thinking how cool it would be to have a communicator so I could talk to people and be mobile. Now I bank, shop, travel, watch TV and get recipes on my phone! Yes, times have changed and it’s time to incorporate technology into the home. Just like lighting is the jewelry in a home, technology can be just the bling millennials are looking for.
Surprisingly, there are a lot of gadgets out there that don’t break the bank and could help your listing stand out from the crowd. Additionally, smart technology could help older homes maintain their character while still appearing relevant in today’s market.
Most everyone is familiar with Alexis, Dot and Google Home. My research for this blog opened my eyes to more helpful and less known gadgets and here are my top pics based on affordability, function and ease of installation.
SMART LOCKS can be conveniently controlled through an App and allow the owner to remotely provide access to friends, family or anyone they approve without sharing a physical key. The owner also has the piece of mind knowing when the home is entered or exited with a notification from the same App. Smart Locks work with existing deadbolts and can be installed in minutes. Prices range but the average is $150. While keyless code locks are about half the price, most don’t offer the technology of remote access or entry notification so I don’t consider them quite as “techy”.
When it comes to SMART THERMOSTATS, I think the Venstar Colortouch is sure to impress younger buyers. Visually, the colorful screen attracts the eye and the screen saver can even run a slideshow of your favorite photos! Remotely control the heat, air and check the weather outside with an App. For $182.00, it’s an affordable upgrade to any home.
Remote control, DUEL ON/OFF OUTLETS allow the owner to control anything plugged in to it and have the flexibility of controlling each outlet individually. Buyers will appreciate the ability to manage lights and appliances from anywhere with an App on their smart phone. For $50 per outlet, you can choose which areas would benefit the most with this technology.
And finally, everything you love about Alexa, the Amazon Echo can show you things too! What busy mom wouldn’t want the convenience of “hands free” assistance and instant access to music, videos, security cameras, phone calls and more! Control multiple devices with voice command, get the news or even call an Uber! For $230, your home will easily stand out from the crowd and appeal to today’s buyers with this handy built in assistant!
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