Creating a Kitchen Island That is a Reflection of You

Creative Kitchen Island

Photo Credit: RED Photography

Consider this when creating a kitchen island. “If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the island is the heart of the kitchen”.

My favorite time of the day is a quiet morning with no agenda. My favorite thing to do during that time is curl up with my coffee and one of the many magazines I haven’t had time to read yet. From Elle Decor to Michigan HOME and Lifestyle, I allow them to gather on my coffee table until the time is right and I can give each one my undivided attention.

This morning we are getting our first real snow of the winter. The anticipation of a blizzard has been growing as weather reports have been warning Michigan residents that we would awake to high winds and a deep accumulation of the white stuff. Well, as it turns out, I only see about 4” of snow and it’s just gently falling this morning. I’ve grown up here so I hardly call it a blizzard but the conditions do beckon me to curl up with my coffee and cat to enjoy the beauty outside my window.

As I begin my journey through the pages of inspiration before me, my attention is drawn to the many ways a kitchen island can be designed. Literally I have not seen any two alike in form or function. I wondered how function played a factor for each homeowner? Then I realized how versatile the design of an island can be.

Get Creative!

Think about it. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the island is the heart of the kitchen. It may be required to perform many tasks and fulfill a variety of needs but an island can be created in many ways. From a family heirloom table to a converted dresser with shelves where drawers used to be. Or your own configuration of box store cabinets to a custom built monster that also seats 6!

However you choose to create that hub where friends and family will gather in anticipation of a home cooked meal or you spread out with children to bake their favorite treats, the island should be a stand alone piece. By that I mean, in my opinion, it should not match everything else, but appear as though it’s a piece of furniture you fell in love with and have been saving to one day reveal in your dream kitchen.

After all, if the island is the heart of the kitchen, it should also be a reflection of you!