All the agents are saying that it’s a seller’s market, right? They said it would be easy and you would get a great price. They said now is the time to cash in on your equity because homes are just flying off the shelf! Then, why isn’t your home selling?

If your listing has been on the market for 30 days or more with few showings scheduled and has not received an offer, something has to change! You need to sit down and take a hard look at the feedback you have received and the impression your home is making on buyers.So let’s talk about first impressions. Roughly 95% of potential buyers will view your home on-line before they decide to step foot inside. What are the listing photos saying to buyers? Is the curb appeal shot revealing green grass and leafy trees? Christmas decorations? That is telling buyers your home has sat on the market since last year and will lead them to believe something is wrong. Buyers will assume many people have scheduled showings but not purchased it. Current buyers will think past buyers have already passed it up and assume it would be a waste of their time to go see it. It won’t sell if you can’t get them inside.

Now let’s address the interior photos. If the listing is vacant, are the rooms void of furniture? Empty rooms make for boring photos. Did you know that survey’s show only 10% of buyers have the ability to visualize a home’s true potential or how their furniture will look in the home? Consider a full home staging as a chance to make a new, first impression. Listing photos that show a home luxuriously staged will motivate buyers to want to see more. When they arrive, staging will allow them to see the lifestyle they are looking for, an example of how their furniture will fit and connect with buyer emotions. Suddenly they can visualize family dinners and cozy evenings in front of the fireplace. Now comes the offer. Did you know that a survey by the National Association of Realtors revealed that Home Staging can increase the dollar amount of an offer by 1-10% and 70% less time on the market? See this report for more helpful numbers NAR Research and Statistics

Case in point. The seller was on their 3rd Realtor. The home had been on the market for over a year without one offer. Although it had beautiful new hardwood floors and fresh paint. It was empty. I was called in to stage which added warmth and style. I saw and added an office spot to an otherwise overlooked space. I also addressed the entryway that had an odd space which seemed useless. I added a chair and a mirror to show a convenient spot to put on your shoes and check your look before heading out the door. The home sold in 6 days.
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Case in point. The small home above had been listed since early December. The feedback was….the rooms are too small. Not sure how or if their furniture would fit? Doubtful that they could get a queen size bed in there. The seller decided it was time to make a new, first impression and contacted me to provide a solution with a full home staging. I was able to show buyers that 11 people could sit in the open concept and a queen bed would not only fit, but with plenty of room left over for dressers. The home sold in 5 days after staging. The seller recouped their staging investment plus more!

We live differently than we sell. If you’re still living in the home, did you style up the home by using what you already own? One of the services I offer is a Re-Design. I have been trained to view the home through a buyer’s eye and reflect on the experience buyers need to have on-line and during a showing. Visit my site for more detail on each service I provide. Service options and package pricing The fact is, if you’ve lived in the home for more than 2 years, you have become blind to it’s flaws and seeing the layout in a new way. Let’s take a second look at the home you are trying to sell and the impression it’s making on buyers. You might need to invest in some upgrades or improve on the staging you previously attempted but together, we can do this!
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